Lot 603. Newly opened Vorraths-chamber

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Auction date: 11.05.2020   10:00 UTC +01:00
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Lot 603 | Newly opened Vorraths-chamber
Newly opened Vorraths-chamber, all kinds of rare and useful is also fun art-pieces, experiments, and beautiful science, which understand the mathematical, mechanical, Medici, niche, chymical, öconomische, sympathetic, other vermegte matters in itself. 9 Tle. in 1 Band With 9 (instead of 10), of which 7 are copper folded panels. Frankfurt and Leipzig, without a Dr., 1774. 782 P., 22 Leaves. Hldrbd. of the time (More the best., partially rubbed).

Manual with lots of instructions for food & beverage improvement, masonry work, hunting, gardening, stain removal, mirror manufacture, precious stones, beekeeping, beer, book restoration, paints, varnishes, inks, metals, vinegar, fish farming, glass, hair, silk, soap, wine, etc. - The double-fullpage. Title in Red & Black is in the Pagin. involved. The nine titles are dated between 1760-74. - A panel is missing, from a further, only the upper half is available. The penultimate Registerbl. m. Eckabriß with minimal loss of Letters. Sth. browned u. fl., some with tears.

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