Lot 1692. The New Forrest, J.

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Lot 1692 | The New Forrest, J.
The new Forrest, J. De Antiquis Westphaliae colonis of augury... 2. ed., priori corr. Osnabrück, Schwänder 1674. Kl.4°. 1 Bl., 85 p. - ╔Strube,J.╗ Orbis terrarum veteribus cogniti typis in binis tabulis... Wolfenbüttel, star 1664 Connected:. 8 Bl. Parchment of the time with hs. Rtitel. (Vdeckel a little bent, stained).

I. Weddigen P. 10. Runge, Osnabrück, Book Printing P. 335. Cf. Saddle/A. V, 594. - The new Forrest was a native of Lemgo, where he was a school teacher and in 1556 the rector. For the first time in 1566, is difficult. Work is also attributed to a from Lemgo-born Hermann the new Forrest. - The connection of the two panels. Tls. some foxing, title with ownership increasingly, u. kl. Randläs., N. a. V.

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