Lot 1772. Ox hide ingots, copper, Eastern Mediterranean late bronze age, 16./15. - 11./10. Century before Christ

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Lot 1772 | Ox hide ingots, copper, Eastern Mediterranean late bronze age, 16./15. - 11./10. Century before Christ
A flat, almost trapezoidal copper bars with easy feeding of the longitudinal sides. Top is rough, bottom at one end with a marking in the Form of two round circles. In the middle is broken, otherwise intact. Green Patina. Size 78.5 x 42 x 2-3 cm. During the Mediterranean bronze age, and reached the production and distribution of metals, in particular copper, new dimensions. Outstanding witnesses to this process, due to their shape, the so - called ox hide ingots that were produced in relatively standardised Form and in large quantities, especially - but not only-in Cyprus. With its weight of 25.54 kg of this copper is bullion well in the weight range between 20 and 32 kg of all known bars. The focus of the distribution is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, where the ship wreck of Uluburun (Turkey) from the second half of the 14th century. Century. with 354 bullion stands out. However, in the vault of the upper wilflingen in Baden-Württemberg, the fragments of at least two of ox-skin found bars, probably of Cypriot origin. Andreas Hauptmann, Bob Maddin, and Michael Prange have found out that the also approx. a 25-kg ingots from the wreck of Uluburun with molten copper have been several crucibles simultaneously in the sound/sand moulds poured. The ingots from Uluburun also have a certain porosity, which is also observed at the fracture edge of this bar to. Controversial is, whether the ox-skin bars is attached to, due to their relatively uniform design already of a monetary character. Cf. A. captain/b. Maddin/M. Prange, On the Structure and Composition of Copper and Tin Ingots Excavated from the Shipwreck of Uluburun. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, 328, 2002, 1-30. Provenance: private collection in southern Germany. Acquired from the estate of a Munich doctor. Of this in 1986 in the Austrian art-trade paper purchased included. Previously, lt. oral communication, Vienna private collection, acquired at the end of the 1960s in the gallery E. Richter, Wiener Neustadt. Condition: II -

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