Lot 699. Pair of large Rococo potpourri vases with Berlin's view

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Lot 699 | Pair of large Rococo potpourri vases with Berlin's view
and soft painting of Franz AulichÜber circular, profiled Base ovoider, on all sides of relief plastic rocaille umzogener body with plastic, as a knotted reed-bundle-designed, up-rising Hand. Leaf decorated pierced lid, the middle flower knob filigree aufbossiertem, blooming rose arrangement. Look side, in fine-line relief gold cartouches framed flower bouquet from blooming anemones, Lily of the valley and chrysanthemums and roses. On the back, in the same framing, a coastal landscape, probably the Potsdamer Platz area with its view over the river and the view of the Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin, the "city of the Palais Strousberg", the later British Embassy, and the adjacent Hotel "Reichshof". Fine polychrome, and so-called soft painting of Franz Aulich. Pastel-tinted rear-seat surfaces in soft Yellow, Green, Pink and apricot tones. Fine-lined stylized relief gold decoration. Unw. restored; the flowers are minimally rubbed; scepter and painting brand. H. 57 cm.Cf. Dietz, collection Sabet, p. 125ff.A large pair of reed-shaped handled pot-pourri vases with Berlin view and "soft painting". Insignificant restorations. Minor chipped blossoms. Sceptre and painter's mark.KPM-Berlin. Around 1890 - 1900.

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