Lot 459. Paul CAMENISCH (1893-1970)

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Lot 459 | Paul CAMENISCH (1893-1970)
Paul CAMENISCH (1893-1970)
Road image
A very large woodcut, Sample copy, with stamp of the estate
37.5 x 59.5 cm

Paul Camenisch: painter and draughtsman. Born on 7.11.1893 in Zörich, died on 13.12.1970 in Basel. 1912-16 to study architecture at the ETH Zörich with Karl Moser. 1916-19 as a Bauföhrer in Germany, and thereafter up to 1923, in various Architekturböros. 1924 gröndet Camenisch with Albert Möller's and Hermann Scherer in Obino, the könstler group of Red-and-Blue. 1930 öbersiedelt Camenisch to Basel. 1933 Mitbegrönder the group of 33, which he prdsidiert from 1936-1952. 1944 gröndung a member of the labour party and a member of the Basle Great Council (until 1956). In 1952, Prdsident of the society Switzerland-Soviet Union. In 1953, travel in the USSR, on the exclusion from the group 33. Retrospective Olten, 1970, in the Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (with Rudolf Maeglin), 1985 in the Böndner art Museum in Chur and in the Museum of art. (Source: SIKART)

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