Lot 158. PERLET BELOVED (ACTIVE 1798-1854)

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Lot 158 | PERLET BELOVED (ACTIVE 1798-1854)
AIMÉE PERLET (ACTIVE 1798-1854) la Grande Catherine (1762-1796) 1827, d apres l original d'elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Gouache sur os 7 x 6 cm. Provenance : Ancienne collection Théodore Dablin Aimee Pearl (active 1798-1854) Catherine the Great (1762-1796) on lost portrait (pastel) Vigee Le Brun, 1796 Miniature, gouache on ivory, 1827 From the collection of Theodor Dublin Our miniature comes from the famous collection of master craftsmen metalwork craft of the king of France Louis XVI Theodor Dablan a close friend of Honore de Balzac. The miniature was listed in the collection under number No. 258 Miniature was made for the original lost portrait of Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun. Catherine II did not favor eminent artist upon arrival in Russia, Vigee Le Brun was not awarded such privileges, which were used by the Empress ' favourite background Lamp. perhaps this was for several reasons-namely the taste of Catherine which was nurtured by the era of the great heavy Baroque where the Majesty of the image occupied a preeminent place "In the time of Louis XIV school of painting in France demanded the nobility in" - shouted the Royal student of Diderot, criticizing modern art. Dissatisfaction presented her Majesty with a portrait by famous cloth on which was depicted a favorite granddaughter of Catherine Alexander and Elena were no signs sudonia patronage and frequent audience But in spite of all the portrait was painted pastel done a few days before the death of the Empress : "{" the Sunday before Her death the Empress ... [said] ... 'IA'll give you the first audience this evening at 8 o'clock.' In your next piece of Thursday ... she's rested." Head. XX} to 1830, the bed was in the Atelier of the artist writes Madame Virginie Ancelot, until we have reached only the print is Delaunois, and etching Grevedon In 1827 by the famous French miniaturist Marie Victoire, akoto who was decorated for his work ware Sevres porcelain receives an order to write to 48 miniatures for snuff-boxes of the King of France Louis XVIII 48 miniatures, among which are copies of the lost portraits of European royalty the Royal families among which we find a miniature of Catherine the great portrait by Vigee Le Nonsense. Today is an amazing work of art located at the Louvre, and with it we are interested in the miniature floor number 35606 INV . In 1861 at the Louvre comes in a gift collection of master craftsmen metalwork craft of the king of France Louis XVI Theodor Dablan connoisseur of fine arts and collector of hereditary master of the Royal Palace In his personal collection we find miniature made famous by Pearl miniaturists aimé (Aimé Perlet), the original aphid also pastels Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun. The miniature was in frequent collections to 2017, the descendants of Theodor Dablan.

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