Lot 6090. Peter Martin Bleibtreu (1921 - 1994) - 66 photos of the journalists from the environment of Hitler to the Nuremberg trials

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Lot 6090Peter Martin Bleibtreu (1921 - 1994) - 66 photos of the journalists from the environment of Hitler to the Nuremberg trials
The pictures of the environment of Hitler, mainly on the old, perforated paper pages glued, some with machine - or hand-written labels. "Hitler learns of the capitulation of France": seven shots in the Format of 6,5 x 9,5/10 cm. Hitler in the führer headquarters "wolf's gorge" (6. to 26. June 1940), on the phone, the message on the 17. June 1940 the surrender of France, by Prime Minister Pétain experiencing four show him with a baseball cap on, three without. Following two slightly different shots of Hitler, Goering and Keitel on the map table in the "Führerzug" bent, photographed through the train window from the outside. Dimensions approximately 10.5 x 13.5 cm. In addition, a recording of Hitler with Alfred Jodl and Reich press chief Dietrich in front of the "Führerzug", 15.5 x 11.5 cm. May of the train a. Frankfurt M. München on may 18. June 1940, on the occasion of Mussolini's visit on the same day in Munich. "In the environment of Hitler's": lots of shooting, Hitler, in a light trench coat with SS escort through people trellis progressively (probably from the Vosges travel 1940), 13 x 18 cm. Six shots of Mussolini's visit on the Obersalzberg in 1941, Hitler and Mussolini, both inside and outside of the Berghof as well as in the car or train. Dimensions approx: 16.5 x 11.5 cm (4x) or 11.5 x 11 cm. A loose Exterior shot of the FHQ "rock nest" (10.5. - 5.6.1940), 17.5 x 24 cm. Three shots of Hitler walking or a meeting outside of a FHQ (probably the "Tannenberg" or "werewolf"), as well as two exterior shots of a FHQ ("werewolf"?), 16 x 12 and 15 x 11 cm. Free recording, Hitler, with von Brauchitsch and von Bock in the campaign against France, in the Background, a soldier with the banner of the "leader and Supreme commander of the Wehrmacht", 16 x 17 cm, rs. two image report stamp (Shear in Vienna and Hilscher in Berlin), as well as the stamp of a Austrian Boulevard newspaper "Express" (1958-71) for a post-war publication with a handwritten addition of "Express, page 8". Three rs. "For private purposes only" stamped footage of Hitler with children, 8.5 x 11.5 cm. All other shots are loose. Reception by Bulgarian officers by Hitler's FHQ "Wolfsschanze", rs. stamped "by The leader and submitted for publication a written date" 10.5.42", as well as multiple Copyright Heinrich Hoffmann", 12 x 11.5 cm folded "released" with the hand. Hitler and Göring in front of the Führerzug, 17 x 12 cm. Rudolf Hess in SS Uniform in the Old Reich Chancellery, rs. circumcised stamp with pencil inscription "Berlin, March 1933 - Reich Chancellery - Takeover by Hitler (Poli)of the Central Commissioner d. Nazi party, Hess, study room d. Reich Chancellor" and "Free for historical purposes" and "stay faithful" (in ballpoint pen), 14 x 10.5 cm. Recording of a captured resistance fighter (?) 20. July 1944 with police officers, rs. referred to as "20. July", 13 x 18 cm. Recording, Gerd von, field Marshal in Uniform as GFM to the study of Books, 21 x 16 cm. From the post-war period, of the Nuremberg trials: "Field Marshal von Kleist captured" by Kleist in the sheath and with the interim rod with two American MP's, rs. engl. Text, 23 x 18 cm. Six large-format photographs from the courtroom of the Nuremberg trials: the defendants out of the process against the economic-administrative main office of the SS in the dock, rs. the German Text and the stamp of the "upper Austrian news", 17.5 x 24 cm. Three shots of the defendants of one of the twelve follow-up processes, rs. jew. From Public Relations Photo Section Office Chief of Counsel for war Crimes - Nuremberg, Germany, APO 696 - A, US Army "stamped" with a hand written photo number, 21 x 25 cm. Two shots from the Doctors ' trial, the defendants and Karl Brandt at the dock, rs. each of engl. Text, a photo called "by Fred ton", the other called "stay faithful", each 20.5 x 25 cm. Gerd von Rundstedt at the swearing-in to court, rs. stamped "upper Austrian news" and referred to "stay faithful", 14 x 11 cm. Alfred Jodl when you write a letter in his cell, rs. Adhesive traces, 19.5 x 16 cm. Recording of a war criminal in handcuffs with U.S. and Polish soldiers, rs. stamped "Dana-pictures of service" and referred to "stay faithful", 18 x 12.5 cm. In addition, 19 shots from the war time, mostly in the Format 11 x 17 cm, some with rs. Images, service marks or descriptions, or referred to "stay faithful": prisoners of U.S. soldiers in 1943, destroyed houses, bridge, trophy tank in Brest Litovsk, a prisoner in Dunkirk, 1943, Hitler and GFM Keitel, Hitler with Seyss-Inquart and Kaltenbrunner in Vienna in 1938, Hitler with generals in front of the city (battle of France?), Italian marshals at the Berghof, Hitler with Goering, Raeder and Hess in front of the car of Compiegne (8 x 11 cm), German war graves on the Maginot line in 1940, rs. with description and release stamp "Ministry of public enlightenment and Propaganda", Hitler with Amann in the Cathedral of Strasbourg, an early Portrait of Goering in the brown shirt with PLM, rs. engl. Description", Viktor Lutze in France in 1941, and Hitler with front-line soldiers, rs. stamped "The leader submitted to and approved, the 24.6.". In the old carton binding. To do this, the "press badge and membership card no. 30" the Association of professional journalists in Bayern from 1. March 1948 (light image) with the stamp of the city of Nuremberg, as well as the stamp and signature of the police headquarters of Nürnberg, which (in German and English) the Carrying and Use are permitted from the cameras. Extremely rare footage, not just from the estate of Peter Martin Bleibtreus, but for the most part, also made by him were likely to be. On the 1921 as the son of Renato Attilio Bleibtreu (1893 - 1964) - born journalist and photographer, is the little-known early recordings from the France campaign of 1940, may call for an original photo employment for Heinrich Hoffmann, and with the following recording as a PK photographer in the Wehrmacht beginning of the war. After the end of the war he received from the US authorities a Journalist in Nuremberg, working for the Nürnberger Nachrichten and is probably the end of the 1950s/beginning of the 1960s to Vienna. For the local Journal for the society and the celebrities he works in 1966, as editor-in-chief, and probably also for the tabloid Express, which merged in 1971 with the crown newspaper. The Peace Palace Library in The Hague acquired at auction before 2014 a large part of the estate Bleibtreus with numerous documents about the War crimes trials, as well as numerous rare photographs and drawings by Günter Peis out of the courtroom. Interesting, but not verifiable and not credible by Peter Martin Bleibtreu in 1950, the assertion that he was the one who, the Hermann Göring obtained the cyanide capsule, by you've attached with a chewing gum in göring's place on the dock is. Condition: II -

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