Lot 1284. Pharmacopoea Rossica.

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Lot 1284 | Pharmacopoea Rossica.
Pharmacopoea Rossica. (Ed. G. T. v. Asch & C. Paeken). "Petropoli" (= Germany) In 1782. With the title of the Philippin stamped. 156 p. (incl. Title). - ╔Offers.:╗ Pharmacopoea Suecica. Copy Holmiense a 1780 recusa. Leipzig and Altona, Hellmann 1784. With Tvign stamped. 130 p. half-leather of the time with a colored back plate and back plating (Sth. rubbed, Rckn. with each of the worm gears whether. Chap. slightly frayed.).

I. SKI 2198. Cat. Russica P 535. Blake 349. New 3236. Wellcome IV, 370. - Third, excl, for the first time, in 1765, appeared. From p. 141 beige Pharmacopoea castrensis Rossica prints. - II. VD18 10660550. Cf. Blake 350. - Early edition of the first Swedish Pharmacopoeia. - Overall, slightly browned and braunfl.

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