Lot 1956. Pharmacopoeia Augustana

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Lot 1956 | Pharmacopoeia Augustana
auspicio amplissimi senatus cura octava collegii medici recognita hippocratica et hermetica mantissa locupletata recusa. (Cum) Taxa sive pretium Medica mentorum tam simplicium quam compositorum. 2 Tle. in 1 Vol. Augsburg, Aperger 1646. Fol. With Front stamped. v. W. Killan with kl. Bird's-eye view & 2 gefalt. Tab. 5 Bl., 27 (d. le.w.), 351 p., 16 (le.w.); 1 Bl., 56 P., 3 Bl. Flex. Prgt. the time (Re-staked, tls. fl. u operation., without locking bands).
Schelenz 417. Cf. Adlung-Urdang 318. - Later Folio-edition of the for the first time in 1564 as the "Enchiridion sive ut vulgo vocant dispensatorium", published in Augsburg Pharmacopoe. Title u beginning with anges. Eckabrissen u. kl. The edge tear-out, tls. anger changes. Tla. something fl. In front of the. renewed.

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