Lot 2196. Pococke, Frame

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Lot 2196Pococke, Frame
Pococke, description of the East and some other countries. New Edition, 3 Vols., Erlangen, Walther 1791-92. 4°. With 3 Front stamped. u. 179 (instead of 181) folded mostly Kupfertaf. u -ktn. Hldrbde. the time with gold embossed back plate (Best. u rubbed Gel. partially burst, chap. partial loads.).

Cf. Embacher 233 u. Graesse V, 373. - Detailed description of the trip to Egypt and the Western front of Asia. Be described Egypt u. Ethiopia (volume 1), Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus u. of Crete (vol. 2), as well as the Aegean Islands, Asia minor, Greece and some regions of Italy, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary and Austria (volume 3). Band 1 without Taf. 33, as well as Band 3 without the Taf. 64. Taf. u maps a little creased, slightly worm-track in the w. Rd.

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