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Lot 2177 | Pomet, P.
The honest Materialist and Specerey-dealer, or a major and a General description of those Spices and materials: Within in three classes, of herbs, animals, and materials, so that the Physica, Chymia, Pharmacia, and other care is included. Lpz., Gleditsch & Weidmann, 1717. Fol. With the 57 (instead of 67) Kupfertaf. 8 Bl., 902 (recte 904; without 289-336, 513-532, 541-544 u. 593-596) Sp., 16 Bl. Mod. Ldr.
Pritzel 7258 (Note). Ferchl 419. Humpert 6112. Mueller 169. Cf. Nissen ZBI 3218. Arents, Tobacco, 548 u. 3315 (all of franz. The Original edition of 1694). First dt. Output One of the first works on "colonial goods" and "the first Handbook of pharmacognosy" (Ferchl). The Taf. with Zoological and Botanical Display. (Whales, walrus, Rhino, elephant, etc.), also figure of beekeepers, tobacco plants, silk-growers, sugar-cane cultivation. Without The Taf. 58-67. Start & end with edge damages (a few Taf. tls. with little loss of picture), throughout browned, tls. something fl. Occasionally, with marginalia in ink v. old Hand.

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