Lot 9. PORSCHE 911 2.7 S TARGA #1974

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Lot 9PORSCHE 911 2.7 S TARGA #1974
PORSCHE 911 2.7 S TARGA #1974

This is for a vintage 1974 Porsche decides to make a clean sweep of the past. Exit the F-Series, created in 1964 with the appearance of the 901/911. Ten years after a difficult start - we forgot about it but it sold badly because the rates were exorbitant - it launched this second generation of the 911, called the "G".
The home? Well, as usual with Porsche, and its customs are firmly established in the minds of the fans, the press as porschistes have started the booing, for a variety of reasons.
The first was the heaviness of the bumper, bellows, considered to be ugly, but made necessary by u.s. laws, and california in particular, for which even the fins back were deemed dangerous. The second was due to the increase in the weight of these cars in the face of the light "F", while the power of the engines is decreasing (175 hp) with respect to the versions
S of the previous vintages.
This time, it was because of regulations, anti-pollution.
And then, imperceptibly, as was the case for all of the Porsche following, the manufacturer improved its recipe and the eyes of the fans are accustomed to this line, today judged to be sublime and historic. So much so that the lineage of the "G" was going to be fifteen years to the catalog. The first models, tight, has long been neglected and many of them have served as the basis for the preparation of race cars. But today, these "G" narrow, are beginning to arouse the interest of collectors.
This is the reason for the presence of this copy of 275 000 km, bought in Spain a year ago and a half on the occasion of a succession.
He belonged to the same owner - who himself had purchased in Germany - for the past seventeen years. It is "matching numbers" and has a certificate "Legacy Porsche" that certifies its authenticity.
Mechanically, it would need a replacement stud engines (about 3 500 €) and a small room located under the gear lever to facilitate the passage of the 5th (about 150 €). For the rest, it is strictly original, and totally devoid of corrosion, in a state of presentation amazing. A worthwhile investment for that will have to wait a few years... and a jump in the time of the most refreshing.

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