Lot 15. PORSCHE 911 3.0 SC #1981

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Lot 15PORSCHE 911 3.0 SC #1981
PORSCHE 911 3.0 SC #1981

After the onset, two years earlier, the Carrera 3.0 200 hp, no one would have thought that Porsche would introduce a new less powerful version. Yet, this is what happened, for the vintage 1978, with the first incarnation of the SC. It was a beautiful block 930 from the Turbo, but for which the advertised power of 180 hp was barely able to stir the porschistes greedy of novelty. In fact, with his big crankshaft, all betrayed the intention of Porsche to build a coupé certainly sporty but calm, more flexible and less furious to use. He had to wait a year for the power climbs of 8 hp and yet another for it to reach 204 hp, until the appearance, in 1984, the Carrera 3.2, the last avatar of the generation of the 911 "G".
The method used? New pistons, compressions, high and cam shafts of a Carrera 3.0. Not less than 57 972 Porsche 911 SC have been produced in five years. This model has become iconic since it has literally saved Porsche from the rout, allowing the company to bounce back... and forget that she had planned to abandon the lineage of the 911. These SC to big blocks and big crankshafts have, moreover, served to develop a whole generation of Porsche of competition that has scoured, with equal happiness, and the tracks of the world, the le Mans in the United States, in rally and the same in rallycross.
This copy of 204 hp date from 1981 and was delivered in France by Sonauto, an importer of Porsche history, as evidenced by its small plate riveted to that time. It is "matching colors" and "matching numbers", in a good state of origin with a brown color
Rosewood on the outside and trim from and Leatherette beige on the inside. In the interior, everything exudes the 80's, with a sky roof in perfect condition, a dashboard that is neither distorted nor cracked by time, and a patina is perfectly preserved. The service book and the history of bills of Sonauto and specialists successive who have studied him are present, as well as the labels of factory (color code...), the punches and the original screws red dots that reveal a life crystal clear. It is useful to clarify that it has never been in an accident in the course of the 166 000 km travelled, up to this day, which is especially rare for a vehicle without power steering and any assistance driving, put on the road at a time when the speeds were... less controlled.

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