Lot 31. PORSCHE 993 TURBO #1997

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Lot 31PORSCHE 993 TURBO #1997

When Porsche began the commercialization of the 993, the end of the vintage 1994 the world of porschistes pushed a "whew!" of relief. Indeed, the stylistic values preserved and the technical characteristics of the new model demonstrated a real ambition to Porsche in its place. And learned that only a very small number of coins had been taken of the 964.
The roof? The front cover? For the rest, it was noticed that the arms of the rear suspension were directional, as the gearbox had six reports and that everything, in every detail, had been reviewed and redesigned.
Two years later, in 1995, was the Turbo version, designed in the same spirit. If the GT2 race only had a single turbo and two wheel drive, it is that it was for her to meet the regulations in place in the different championships.
The Turbo could break free of these constraints. It is, therefore, proposed that in four-wheel drive and with a turbocharged bank of cylinders. It must be said that with 408 hp under the foot, the traction became an essential feature!
Technically, the 993 remains the last Porsche 911 air-cooled; the same goes for his Turbo version. Of course, it was then eclipsed by a Turbo S is even more powerful, developing 450 horsepower, but it remains that aspects of their respective have is a dream, with this rear spoiler overwritten if feature.
The copy we offer for sale is a 408 hp, in perfect condition, in a combination of colors ideal, with an interior grey very light. History, maintenance, use... of Its owner guarantees us that all these elements are what one can expect from a car of this calibre and in this class.

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