Lot 4. PORSCHE CARRERA 3.2 #1985

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Lot 4PORSCHE CARRERA 3.2 #1985

Barely a year after its debut, the Porsche Carrera 3.2, which was the successor to the SC 3.0 and displays 231 hp, already has improvements.
The theory of evolution, which according to Porsche is in the works: new steering wheel with four branches, new aerators... it's All in the details.
This year, she received yet, serial, the 15-inch wheels of the type "phone". However, as soon as the purchase, most new owners removed those wheels they were disgrâcieuses next to the Fuchs historical. And as Porsche offered just option these Fuchs in 15 and 16 inches, it is today virtually impossible to find a 911 in these years equipped its wheels "phone". Are they still disgrâcieuses? Well, no. The time has passed, the profiles the originals, as the colors that everyone hated in the 80's, have become fashionable. As well, the Targa, that nobody liked, are sought after, just like the Porsche white which were unsaleable it fifteen years ago. All of this gives this piece a personality quite unique.
If you get into the details, this car is equipped with sunroof, electric windows and full leather black for the cabin.
In addition to his wheels, original Porsche, it also has the car radio
CD Blaupunkt extracting period. Its interior is very well preserved, without tray door is broken or malfunctioning, typical of the 911 of that time. Mechanically, it has four new tires, an engine compartment is very clean and does not lose a drop of oil to use. The engine has obviously been rebuilt and displays a tone surprising. The side of the big bodies, it should be noted the repair to the full and very recent of the gearbox and its control. This one, with a new clutch, has been done a few days before the sale. It is a beautiful state in general, with a second show-quality paint, the traces of a repair in the rear compartment and small "pocs" on the doors, which reflect a normal use for a car of thirty-two years of age. To be clear, this Porsche Carrera seems to be well positioned for other thirty years of driving pleasure.

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