Lot 448. Potpourri vase with cockatoo and grape decor

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Lot 448 | Potpourri vase with cockatoo and grape decor
from the blackboard essay, "Reynard the Fox" by Max Esser.On curved feet, conically flaring shank with ausschwingendem mouth edge. Raised, pierced lid, crowned by a fully plastic, on a strong Branch seated cockatoo. The side put up modelled fine bunch of Grapes. Economical polychrome painting with gold decoration. Design By Max Esser, 1926. Model no. H 219 and 220. Unw. restored; swords and Fox brand. H. 38 cm.Esser created 1919-26, the 75 parts of a comprehensive, impressive panel ensemble "Reynard the Fox", which with its sculptures of animals, flowers and fruit bowls and candlesticks one of the most important total works of art, the Pfeiffer time.Cf. Marusch-Krohn, Pfeiffer time, p. 105 et seq.; Sunday, Experienced art, figure 78.A finely porcelain potpourri vase with cockatoo and brunches of grapes modelled by Max Esser from the centre piece "Reynard the fox". Crossed swords mark.Meissen. Around 1934 - 1945.

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