Lot 3260. A Magnificent Chinese Lacquer Painting, France, 18. Century

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Lot 3260 | A Magnificent Chinese Lacquer Painting, France, 18. Century
Wood carrier with a fine, polychrome Coromandel lacquer painting. Rest. Alterssp. Back discounted the factory floor. Gold-plated frame in
The Rococo Style. 49 x 67 cm

The Chinese lacquer art knows a wide variety of handicraft techniques, with the help of the bark secretion of the lacquer tree champion
Works, whose fame and beauty have affected even the style of the European art of furniture production. Even if the simplest monochrome technology up to 2. Millennium before Christ, the Coromandel, so the name “vernis de Coromandel” in its French Form, in the 18th century. Century in Europe. Prominent techniques, especially the carving, lacquer and mother-of-pearl lacquer. The Coromandel lacquer is a special form of Schnitzlacks, is probably based on the early 16. Century and gets its characteristic name from the Southeast Indian coast, the Coromandel coast, as a base for the export of raw materials.
The craft process begins with the priming of the blood, Rohlack and clay dust, followed by the obligatory Curing ud polishing. On the smoothed surfaces, then layers of dark lacquer are applied in thin, so that are talking about cutting back colored areas appear. The final embellishment with paint, Oil or Gold leads to the masterful Work that some of us have, especially as a wall of screens known. The elaborate and varied design in a tiny window drawing on a black background here shown in the Polish painting is particularly effective and illustrates all the possibilities from the use of oil Paints to gold leaf. Coromandel lacquer works can now be found in the choicest collections of international museums, and thanks to the special material and special technology with outstanding decorative value.

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