Lot 2429. Magnificent decorative plate, stamps for Hermann Ratzersdorfer, Vienna, 19th century

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Lot 2429 | Magnificent decorative plate, stamps for Hermann Ratzersdorfer, Vienna, 19th century
Mountain crystal, silver, partly gilded and enameled. Curved, recessed, and fan-like plate, on a circular foot. Arranged, elaborately engraved cartouches with pomp segmented full Renaissance decor in crystal. The webs are plastically molded Grotesque, these in cobalt blue, Red, Green, and White enamelled, and with the finest, gold-plated pads decorated. The shell with a modern Base. Age-related, in good condition. Partial gilding rubbed. Minimal Defects. Plate and foot, multiple hallmarked. Diameter of 32.4 cm. Hermann Ratzersdorfer was born in Vienna and brought it to a high-silver - and goldsmith of the v. a. due to its unusual art and craft considered to be noticed-Objects. His specialty was working on Enamel. His master's brand was first registered in 1842. In 1855 he took part in the first world exhibition in Paris and won the second prize. At the world exhibition in Vienna in 1873 he obtained were to Work special honor and his neo-Renaissance of the Grand Jury and the audience in a special way appreciated. Cf. Christie's Sale New York, 21. October 2011, Lot 81. Condition: I - II

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