Lot 691. Magnificent vase with Pâte-sur-pâte painting

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Lot 691 | Magnificent vase with Pâte-sur-pâte painting
in the Form of a Greek Lekythos with offset shoulder, retracted neck, and a tapered mouth rim. On the side of the shoulder-faceted, folded handles "à la grecque". On the wall arabesker, floral-stylized-relief gold decor from a variety of beading and reserves of vines and flowers plant delicate ochre, celadon and olive-green, iron-red and brown-colored funds. On both sides of a rectangular rear box, alternating with medallions with a scenic representation of the Roman goddess Venus with a dove, or in the company of Cupid's according to Alexander Kips and antique heads in fine, blue-white Pâte-sur-pâte painting. Scepter and painting brand. H. 18 cm. The Berlin Pâte-sur-pâte painting experienced under the leadership of Alexander Kips 1888 to 1908 its heyday. Characteristic for the already around 1880 in Berlin, the onset of mud-relief painting reserves with figures, mostly antique representations on different colored funds, in combination with rich relief gold ornaments are of different kinds, gold framed. Cf. Dietz, Keramos, 209, 2010, p. 73ff.; Collection Sabet, p. 156ff.; Wollschläger, in Keramos, 211, 2013, no. 19; catalogue Bröhan-Museum, Bd. I, No. 112; Siemen, P. 354.A magnificently lekythos-shaped porcelain vase with pâte-sur-pâte painting. Sceptre and painter's mark.KPM-Berlin. The end of the 19th century. Century

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