Lot 81. Magnificent Art Nouveau Centrepiece

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Lot 81 | Magnificent Art Nouveau Centrepiece
4-tlg.; Presentoir, imposing Anbietschale and a Couple of 7-flg. Girandoles. Rectangular Presentoir with profiled, rounded edges and mirrored surface. On rectangular Anbietschale with two inserts made of crystal glass with Olivschliff. Just, profile framed wall, in the center surrounded by raised Laurel festoons. Central, of slender pillars carried the canopy with a vase-like crown. In the middle, on a Pedestal seat at the end, write the end of lady in antique neo classical clothing in the company of a Cupid as an allegory on the Maritime trade. To the side of the bag, the anchor and the dew. On a rectangular pedestal with relief-plastic, grinding, worn Laurel festoons, high-light shaft made of four slender columns. Above a broad band with festoons. On this basis, edged chandelier arms with tall, vase-shaped spout. The middle conical, ascending, another Leuchterarm with a corresponding spout. Removable Traufschalen. Gest. 800, Manufacturer's Mark, Retailer's Brand. Ges.-Br. 81 cm. Max.H. 65.5 cm. Wt. about 10 kg. According to the company Wilkens & sons, the Jardiniere and the manufactured under sentence in 1906 for Mr. Alfred Pollack. In 1907, the centrepiece came back to Wilkens & Söhne. The essay was polished, and the candlesticks pair made. In the same year, the Ensemble was sold to the firm of Netter & Co.
In imposing 4-piece Art Nouveau centre piece with allegory of sea trade. Standard mark 800, maker and dealer's mark.
of Bremen. Wilkens & Söhne. 1906/1907.

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