Lot 591. Rare Early Baroque Ball Footed Beaker

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Lot 591Rare Early Baroque Ball Footed Beaker
Fully gold plated. A cylindrical body on flared ball feet. On the wall, three of the acanthus leaf cartridges framed, very fine and detailed engraved scenic representations of riders battles of the Turkish wars. In the spaces between most life from a different war-like still device. Inside gold plated. Gest., City brands, master, Johann Wagner (masters of 1677), St. Petersburg inspection master Nikifor Moschtschalkin (1772-1800). Weight approx. 310 g. h. 12 cm.In the second half of the 17th century. Century were in demand, especially engraved mug very much, including the Works of Johann Wagner, "stand out due to their high quality." From the 30-ies of the 18th century. Century, the court in St. Petersburg belonged to a blacksmith of the largest clients of the Augsburg silver. In addition to ordering of table-service, other silver, were supplied by merchants to Russia. Also, this Cup may have heard, the bears, the St. Petersburg city mark of 1786.Cf. Seling, Bd. I, p. 106, 141 f.; Bd. II, Fig. 395 f.; Bd. III, no. 156 et seq., 1750. Goldberg, No. 1177, 1194A rare is early Baroque beaker by Johann Wagner (the master since. 1677) with very fine engravings. City mark, master's mark, St. Petersburg, assay master mark of Nikifor Moschtschalkin (1772-1800).Augsburg. Approx. 1700.

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