Lot 2343. (Roberts, D.

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Lot 2343 | (Roberts, D.
La Terre Sainte. Vues & monuments. Avec une description historique sur chaque planche. Brussels, Société des Beaux-Arts in 1843). Imp.Fol. Fragment. With 14 (instead of 30) Taf. in tinted Lithogr. u. 16 (st. 30) about half since. tinted Lithogr. in the Text, by J. Stroobant to L. Hague. 18 (instead of 33) nn. Bl. Hldr. the time with Rverg. u gilt-stamped spine labels. Fillets. (Relaxed tls. fl., rubbed u. best.).
Brunet IV, 1331. Gay 25. Tobler 229. - Only French edition. A extensive selection of illustrations from the first two volumes of Robert's "The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia..." (contains 3 Bde., 1842-49), with French descriptions. - Contains pretty views of: Nazareth, Jericho, Hebron, Petra, Ascalon, Gaza, etc. - Without Titelbl. 14 lots be accompanied by approx. semisweet. Textbl. Cont. browned tls. stockfl.

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