Lot 2211. Rycaut,(P.).

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Lot 2211Rycaut,(P.).
Rycaut,(P.). The newly-opened the Ottoman doors continued/ or: Continuirter historical report, regarding the türckische monarchy, heads of state maxims of, Power, wealth, wars ... from the year 1664. bite to the end of this 1700. Year ... Augsburg, Wagner's for Crown and Goebbels heirs in 1701. Fol. With allegor stamped. Frontispiece, stamped portrait panel (Georg Ludwig Hzg. to copper Braunschweig u. Lüneburg) and the number of rich text. 7 (v. 8) Bl., 864 P., 20 Bl. Leather on 6 frets with Rtitel and Rückenverg. (Rubbed and chipped).

VD18 90199782. - The rare second part of the two-volume "the Newly-opened Otto man gap". The first part of which dealt with mainly the state and the culture of the Turks. The copper show scenes, portraits, and views from the history of the Ottoman ruler IV. Mahomet to Mustapha II. - Something to use and age - stained, some edge tears or kl. The edge damage. Copper is weak in part in the pressure. Front is missing.)

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