Lot 172. SAINT SIMON, Claude Henri de Rouvroy Comte de (1760-1825)

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Lot 172SAINT SIMON, Claude Henri de Rouvroy Comte de (1760-1825)
Meeting of three circular letters printed in lithography by Godefroy Engelmann (1788-1839).

Letters on the bourbons addressed to the King and to the Industry : Letter 1 introduction to the King ; Letter second, following the previous S. l. n. d., ac 1815. Meeting of two circular letters printed in lithograph on laid paper end watermarked by Godefroy Engelmann N° 27 rue Louis Legrand, facsimiles from the time of the letters of 8 and 4 pages in-4°, signed : "your Majesty's very faithful about Henry S Simon," in which Saint Simon address to Louis XVIII and argues for a reconciliation of interests between the old nobility and the industrialists to face the conducted subversive of the nobility of napoleon Bonaparte.

"Analyzing in my last booklet, the state of the current political situation, I think I have shown that industrial companies are today the only firm support of the monarchy, and as a result the political unchanging of your dynasty, should have for object a-line intimate with them [...]if the obstacles to the coalition essential to the kingship and the industry came to the point of both of these powers themselves, they could only come from the resistance of the old feudalism or the feudal system of Bonaparte, who were indeed one and the other of the greatest interest to prevent a binding of which the immediate effect would be to remove for ever the two classes of factious any chance of success [...] Sire, the main obstacle to the establishment of a coalition between the monarchy and the industrial is, on the part of those in a prevention against your dynasty, as the feudal system of Bonaparte was received at give rise to and entrench in the most industrial, but does not oppose it and may be to approve, [....]This is what has made success in the march 20, as by enchantment, the projects of the Bonapartists ; that is what they would have

provided a second success e then for a long time, without the cry for a new invasion, a fear which cannot be eternal [...]today, the character of feudal must be erased completely, and the kingship must become fully communal. In a word, the King, instead of being the leader of the gentlemen of

his kingdom, must become the chief of the industrial [...], your majesty has nothing to fear in respect of the restoration of the dogma of the sovereignty of the people of the industrialists [...], moreover, the only real harm that could result from the restoration of this dogma, if it was possible would be attempts to participate in the power of the mass of the people. However, in this report, there cannot be the slightest reason to fear. The industry leaders are all those who dread the disorder, as being those to which it causes the most damage, and in the second place, they have all the means imaginable to prevent it, as being the natural leaders and standing of the people [...] The monarchy has no real reason to not adopt the plan of liaison with the industry which is dictated by his interest the most grand and its most pressing need. Leaving no return the cause of the old nobility, to put himself at the head of the industrial, your majesty may be assured that, in spite of their prejudices rompront

very easily with the nobility of the Bonaparte and will be happy to respond to the call of the throne [...]

Letter of transmittal to the distinguished Industrial, S. l. n. d.-foot 1815

- Circular letter, printed in lithography by Godefroy Engelmann rue de Richelieu, N°34, fac-simile of the time a letter of two pages in-4°, signed : "Your very humble servant Henry St Simon"

"Gentlemen I introduced you to in my last booklet of the measures that need to be taken to complete the revolution by beginning the establishment of the plan industrial. My ideas were generally approved of the industrial which I have been able to gather the opinion. But their novelty has too

surprised the minds that I would hope that without further work on my part, I will determine the sense of conviction necessary to form in a sufficient number of industrial a political opinion active, own to lead and coordinate the great body of the industry, the efforts needed to bring the beginning of the organization of the regime is the most favourable to the cultivation, trade and manufacturing [...]but before you do part of this work, I thought I should tie myself above all to fulfil a pre-condition that I look like any has made the capital. I thought that the first thing to do for the industry is to reassure the dynasty of the Bourbons on their provisions in respect [...] It entirely depends on you, Gentlemen, to procure and maintain this peace of mind, because you are by the type of your occupations, your ability, and by the influence that drift,

a great time of the nation [...] Don't forget point that this is what you are linking it with the kingship that you can open promptly, the beautiful political career reserved by the march of civilization to the French manufacturers of the nineteenth century [...].

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