Lot 1539. St Mary Magdalene, P.de.

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Lot 1539St Mary Magdalene, P.de.
Sainte Marie Magdeleine, P.de. Traitte' d'horlogiographie. Contenant plusieurs manieres de construire, sur toutes surfaces, toutes sortes de lignes horaires & autres cercles de la sphere... Reveu, corrige & arguments en cette 3. ed., de plusieurs propositions & figures. Paris, Dupuis, 1665. With Front stamped. u. 70 (2 folded) Kupfertaf. 7, Bl., 312 p., 1 w. Bl. Half leather d. 19. Century with gold spine titles & Linienverg.

Houzeau-L. I, 11455 (this issue). - First, in 1641, made it difficult. detailed technical manual. - Be treated in the mathematical and nautical instruments, time measurement, globes, compasses, tides etc. - The copper sun dial, zodiac signs, physical instruments, mathematical figures, among other things, Front inner joint show dawned, on-the-fly-leaf with Ownership entry by an old Hand, the circumcised frontispiece up to the edge of panel 69 is missing, this panel 70 is duplicated, the tables 65-67 involved in the reverse order, in places, partly stronger browned & light braunfl., good decorative hardcover copy.

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