Lot 3732. Collection of about 80 gun runs

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Lot 3732Collection of about 80 gun runs
Collection of about 80 gun runs 17. Century to the 19th century. Century Italy, Spain, France, Germany. Partially iron damask and trains. Numerous runs already engraved or chased. From Italy, Florence, Brescia and others, by Lazarino Church, Antonio Signorino From Spain, etc., by G. Fernandes, F. O. Massavi From Germany by Valentin climbing, etc.
The full description can be obtained as a PdF-version on info@schulerauktionen.ch free. This historical collection is a special rarity. In the present gun barrel collection with some 80 historic runs, it is a peculiarity, since the runs of big championship run of forging tools and a large part of the famous run-of-wrought-test sites in Europe and all the races in this collection are werkstattneu. The best-known and best runs have come at this time from the run-of-forge-dynasty of the Cominazzi in Italy, and made the Best of the weaponry of the time. Among the most valuable weapons runs the wrought products of Antonio Signorino and Bonafini. From Spain the top products of the blacksmith's art from the workshops of Gaspar Fernandes, Massavi and the workshop, IFR. These products cost already a fortune. Striking and very beautiful, the valuable Damascus barrels, which are a special feature. In addition, most of the runs are cut in different techniques by forging work, Exchange, engraving and iron rich decorated. Many of the runs are classified by name, signature, and stamps according to time and origin clear. Very rarely, the ear, the ends of twin and triplet runs. At first glance a relatively simple-appearing gun barrel of Valentin Klett, Suhl is a technically perfect masterpiece of the Pipe blacksmithing. The high quality in the professional circles of all of Europe's well-known pipe wrought-family Velcro supplied all the rival warlords, and was the main supplier of the stuff houses in Bern, Zurich and Basel.

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