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Lot 2189 | Collection of natural and Medicin-
As well as this, Gehörgien art and literature, stories. 5. Attempt (summer quarter 1718), and 6. Trial (autumn quarter 1718) in 1 Bd. Surrender v. Kanold,J., among other things, Wroclaw, Hubert 1719-20. 4°. With 6 tls. gefalt. Kupfertaf. and for some text holzschn. 1 Bl., S. 1305-1672; 1 Bl., S. 1673-2056, 11 Bl. Register. Prgt. the time
Two early parts of the natural history magazine, of the total of 38 Tries and 4 supplements of 1718-1736 difficult. - Monthly reports about weather conditions (in tables, and measurements), Weather diseases in humans and livestock, natural phenomena (moon, darkness, lightning, etc.), Tillage, fertilization, physical and medical inventions, including the relevant literature, etc., including "The American Printzen (from Canada) - high-famous-smoke-tobacco" (with a beautiful Portrait of the Prince), "The tobacco-smoke through the water" (p. 1834 FF.), etc., Even Browning, otherwise very well preserved.

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