Lot 1305. Sanizade Mehmed Ataullah Efendi.

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Lot 1305 | Sanizade Mehmed Ataullah Efendi.
Sanizade Mehmed Ataullah Efendi. Khamsa-i Sanizade. 3 Tle. in 1 Band Istanbul, Tabhane-yi Sahane basvuru / Dar Tibaat ül-Amire (Imperial medical school) ot. A. H. 1235 (= 1820). Kl.Fol. With 57 Kupfertaf. (num. 1-47 u 47-56, 1 beids. printed mate.). 80 PP., 2 Bl., 125 (from 131) p., 39, 283 p. half leather d. 20. Century

Choulant, Anatomist. Figure 156 (in detail). Very rare first edition of the first in the Islamic world printed medical work, with three Parts was complete (expanded in later editions on the in the title mentioned five parts). The partially trained in Europe Ottoman doctor Sanizade (1771-1826) - quotes-famous ital. Doctors such as Bartolomeo auditory, Gabriele Fallopio, and Costanzo Varolio, the Illustration(s) are based in part on Vesalius. Part 3 is based on Anton of Störcks "Medici, practical instruction for the field - and country-Wundärzte of the österr. States" (Vienna, 1776). - In the first part, p. 81-86 the first Pag is missing., for p. 1/2 & 7/8, as well as Taf are available. 38 twice before. Tls. connected, easy, part 1, strong water, browned, foxing, the most on thin paper & rather dull printed boards, moderate foxing, whether. Part of Taf. 24 with gr. Einriß whether. Part of Taf. 50 missing. Some of dat part. Marginalia u. Eintr., the printed marginalia to the clip part.

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