Lot 4045. Sascha Schneider (Estate), The Visitation Of Mary (Lk. To 1.39)

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Lot 4045 | Sascha Schneider (Estate), The Visitation Of Mary (Lk. To 1.39)
Alexander (Sascha) Schneider Of St. Petersburg, 1870 - 1927 Świnoujście. Actually, Rudolph Karl Alexander Schneider. German painter and sculptor, particularly known as an Illustrator of the book title the stories of Karl May, inter alia, "Through Wild Kurdistan", "On the Rio de la Plata", etc. studying at the Dresden art Academy, since 1903 acquaintance with Karl May. Since 1904, this cutter was a Professor in Weimar. Part in Florence and Dresden. His motives are also, in particular male Nudes and heroic scenes. Subject: The Visitation. In front of an Arcadian landscape Elisabeth receives with your husband your pregnant relatives to Mary (Cf. Lk. To 1.39). Early spring drawing on greyish paper, fine and detailed set of white increases, lower right monogrammed and dated "AS (in ligature) 11.8. A. D. MDCCCLIX“ (sic !), approx. 49 x 43 cm. On the carton of the estate stamp of the artist pasted on the back side. Provenance: From the estate of the artist; the least significant Bamberger's private collection. Literature in AuswahLänge: H.-G. Röder, Sascha Schneider, a painter for Karl May, Bamberg, 1995; S. Opitz (Hg.), S. Schneider, idea painter and body artist, Weimar, 2013; C. Strong, S. Schneider - An artist of the German symbolism, Marburg, 2016.

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