Lot 512. Schaschka of an officer of the Cossacks

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Lot 512 | Schaschka of an officer of the Cossacks
from the time of Tsar Alexander II (Regent 1855-1881). Filigree crafted handle made of gilded silver, the curved on both sides, fluted back blade insert with a fine Arabic inscription in gold. Also in Gold, the mono-inserted grams of the Tsar "A II", and crown. Without A Sheath. Total length 96cm. Almost one and a half years after the government of the Tsar, the commencement of the coronation ceremony took place in Moscow. Both foreign and Russian guests, especially the diversity of subjects that took part in the festivities: Bashkirs, Circassians, Tatars, and Armenians had been invited to Moscow to make to the diversity and the extent of the Empire and to strengthen the bond between the Tsar and his Asian peoples symbolic. Here is a significant gift to a Cossack leader.
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