Lot 1657. Clamp Mount Pharmacopoeia 1546/Michael's Field Work Book 1545

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Lot 1657Clamp Mount Pharmacopoeia 1546/Michael's Field Work Book 1545
An appreciation book, delicious for a sickness of the whole body, Jnnerlich vnd, from the Heupt up at the feet of many high-berümpten and erfarnen Artzten with special memory vleis properly described ... Jtzo newe in print and on day given, (ed. of Tarquinius Ocyorus alias fast mount), pressure Melchior Sachse in Erfurt 1546, tied arbeyt The veldtbaw, od[er] the book of the veld, in which all the necessary stucco, so as to veldarbeyt service or a hindrance may be, with the highest degree of diligence to be angezeygt ... and yetz his by D. Michael gentlemen, except the Creep, in Teütsche vertolmetscht language : The verldtbaw or the book of the veldarbeyt ... yetz his by Michael gentlemen ... vertolmetscht, printed by Balthasar Beck, Strasbourg, 1545, Format 8°, 6 leaves, CCLXVI S., and 24 sheets, and 148 numbered leaves, with some vegetal and figural woodcuts, in contemporary leather binding with decorative gold embossing, restored, minimal stained copy of the first 22 in the copy annexed to the leaves and about ten sheets with additions.

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