Lot 2914 R. Schenck, August Friedrich

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Lot 2914 R | Schenck, August Friedrich
Schenck, August Friedrich (1828 Glückstadt - Ecouen 1901). Schafherde mit Schäfer. Öl auf Leinwand. (ca. 1870's). 39 x 43.3 cm. Gerahmt,. (69 x78.5 cm.). Aufwendig gerahmt (131 x 185 cm). Included is an archive of autographed signed letters by Schenck to Mrs. B.B. Tuttle and receipts for paintings purchased. Signed by the artist. August Friedrich Schenck was a Danish-born artist who spent most of his career in Ecouen, France after Schleswig-Holstein acceded to the German Confederation. He specialized in romantic pastoral scenes reminiscent of his most famous painting, Anguish, which was exhibited at the Salon of Paris in 1878 and is now in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Included in the lot is a set of period press clippings and an obituary for the artist with the following English translation: "Living in Ecouen since 1860, in 1870 owing to his profound knowledge of the German Language he rescued several of the inhabitants of Ecouen from the hands of the conquerors and saved the farm from the depredations of the enemy". - Flock of sheep with shepherd. Oil on canvas, framed.

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