Lot 616. Ship-Dining Cards.

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Lot 616 | Ship-Dining Cards.
Ship-Dining Cards. Collection of over 1500 menus, music, programs, advertising brochures, greeting cards, passenger lists, timetables, among other things, of the Hamburg-America line, Hapag, North German Lloyd, and other North German shipping companies. Approx. 1880-1938. Loose in protective sleeves, in 39 folders.

The carefully assembled by the u. documented collection contains Material related to the well-known u. popular TRANS-Atlantic routes between Europe and North, Central & South America as well as Australia & Oceania, also Northern and southern Europe, the Mediterranean, the river, among other things, The dining and greeting cards, shipping brochures, advertising, among other things, with the appropriate vessel, landscape, and holiday motifs, as well as map cut-outs in a partially bright colors lavishly with exotic Flair in design. Among the marine painters and artists who have been commissioned by the respective shipping companies & lines of the Illustration(s), Shipping, goods Hans Bohrdt, Themistokles of the corner of crushers, Robert Schmidt-Hamburg, Willy Stöwer, among other things, The collection forms a lively Image of the luxury navigation around the turn of the century until the Thirties that was only with the advent of commercial aviation and the Second world war a temporary decline. - Well preserved. - Collection of more than 1500 ship menus, music programs, advertising brochures, greeting cards, passenger lists, timetables, etc. of the Hamburg-America Line, Hapag and the North German Lloyd and other North German shipping companies. Loose in 39 folders. Good condition.

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