Lot 1350. Schinz, H. R.

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Lot 1350 | Schinz, H. R.
Schinz, H. R. natural history and illustrations of the birds of genera. According to the latest systems for non-profit Use designed, and with consideration for the education of the youth processed. (And): ╔Founder.╗ Natural history and illustrations of the birds. According to the latest systems edited. According to nature, & the most exquisite origin alien drawn, including reception high shepherd, K(arl) J(oseph) Brodtmann. 2 Volumes, Zurich, Brodtmann 1830. 4° & Gr.4°. XXXVI, 445, XIII p., lithogr. Title & 144 handkol. lithogr. Boards. Hldrbde. the time with gold embossed back plate and back plating (Textbd. abw. geb., Gel. slightly rubbed).

Nissen, IVB, 825 (first edition by Orell, Füßli of 1819). Schlenker 316.3. Room P. 552. - One of the finest German ornithological works. - The coloured sequence of paintings of Birds by K. J. Brodtmann, is much rarer than the black-and-white issue. - The plates most with multiple images, including birds of prey, herons, magpies, hornbills, parrots, woodpeckers, kingfishers, pigeons, peacocks, chickens, pheasants, Emus, Flamingos, puffins, penguins, pelicans. - Any figure with the German, Latin. and French. Name. - Occasional light foxing, an exceptionally well-preserved, clean and decoratively bound copy.

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