Lot 1612 R. Screw-in crowns.

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Lot 1612 R | Screw-in crowns.
Screw-in crowns. Bavaria-Thaler, (First World War) 1914-1916. Zinc plug-in medal, Ludwig III, king of Bavaria u.-winning coat-of-arms of Bavaria with a shield holder-lion and legend "keeping the faith festival". Munich, (Deschler & Sohn) In 1916. Diameter 5 cm. 30-teiliges Leporello 28 color lithogr. Illustration(s) of Richard Klein. Frosted zinc plug-in medal designed with blue-and-white-checked paper with embossed. Gold trim in Opp.-Kass. with coloured illustration. Lid shield. (Slight Signs Of Wear).

Rare screw thalers, which, as a reminder of bayr. War participants was awarded. - The art Nouveau-style illustrations with various military leaders, among other things, Hindenburg, Spee, Mackensen, as well as war events (Verdun, the catchment of Warsaw, in front of Lviv, etc.) and presentation of the Zeppelin over the Golden Horn in Constantinople. You are one of the first Work of the Munich painter, sculptor, graphic artist and Medailleurs R. Klein (1890-1967), was since 1935, Director of the state school for applied art in Munich. Title leaf torn loose u Leporello in the middle of the connecting web, otherwise very well preserved.

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