Lot 1534. Schreber, D. G.

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Lot 1534 | Schreber, D. G.
Schreber, D. G. the place of the arts and crafts,... Band 5. Leipzig, among others, Kanter, 1766. 4°. With 30 Kupfertaf folded. 4 Bl., 468 P., 4 Bl. Half-leather of the time with spine label, spine gilt u goldgepräg. Coat Of Arms Vignette (Operation. u. best.).

With bookplate of Quintus Icilius, d. i., Carl Gottlieb (Karl Theophil) Guichard (1724-1775), the military, and the scholar at the court of Frederick the Great. The ennoble "Quintus Icilius" he received from the Prussian king, after he had corrected this in talking about Roman history. The library of the scholars consisted of about 5500 volumes, of which everyone was provided with a palm tree and two cherubs ornate bookplate with the name "Quintus Icilius". After his death, Frederick the Great acquired the library, the several decades of a separate Department of the Royal geographical society. The library was formed. Even today, a majority of the books is in the inventory of the Berlin state library. Content: Gallon, to make The art of brass to pour it in the plates, negative avoided, and to pull Wires to Duhamel de Monceau / The cloth-making art, primarily in fine cloths / De la Lande, The Tanner will last you art. Library-Ex. with erased stamp on title page & verso, endpapers browned, a little, hint. Intent with a date and signature stamp, boards, verso of each with kl. Library-Stamp.

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