Lot 1281. Black-and-white officer's Half-armour, with heart decor, Nuremberg, 1540/50

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Lot 1281Black-and-white officer's Half-armour, with heart decor, Nuremberg, 1540/50
Storm hood with one-piece whipped dome. Low geschnürlter comb. Riveted eyes and neck shield. Large hinge-mounted cheeks flap openings with perforated Ear. Well-executed repairs in the apex and neck area. In the hinge-open collar with side latch. Two slip-on necklace choker with strong geschnürlten crushing edge. Appending to a five-compartment slip-on shoulders with fine geschnürltem and beaded edge. Hentzen, four-compartment slid back of the hand and strong geschnürltem ankle protection. Trailing scaly fingers, the hinge-mounted triple pushed the Thumb plate. Short, easy-to-gegratete leg warmers with beaded and geschnürltem edge. Strong gegratete breast plate with movable, pushed Armholes. Angular, inwardly folded, geschnürlte crushing margins. At the upper edge of the beaten Nuremberg decrease (some plastered). Two belly Mature with infected original shame of the capsule. Are to be attached to seven-fold slip-on upper faulds with strong geschnürlten crushing margins. Plate back with the strong and driven shoulder blades. All armor pieces with embossed black-and-white decor, the repeated in addition to the usual stripes, with a heart motif. Surfaces slightly pitted, darkness and leather old renewed. Height is about 123 cm. Earlier and completely homogeneous Half-armour, in a rare, elaborately decorated version. Condition: II -

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