Lot 5017. Sechs Bronze - Plaketten , u. a. (n. ?) Massimiliano Soldani

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Lot 5017 | Sechs Bronze - Plaketten , u. a. (n. ?) Massimiliano Soldani
In the present case, six Bronze plaques with portrait illustrations of various historical figures. Part of the original/after (?) Massimiliano Soldani (Florence, 1658 - 1740 Montevarchi), Italian sculptor and medallist. Motives: 1. Recto: "Franciscus (Francesco) Redi Patritius Aretinus" (Cf. Thieme/Becker Vol. 31, p. 235, to Soldani: "...one of the most popular medals is the on Francesco Redi, with Bacchanal" on the back). Below signed and dated "M. Soldanus 1684". Verso: stamp with the inscription "Saluti", the front two figures as allegories of nature and wisdom. On the left of a snake (cf. Hauschild no. 737). The Illustrated Franciscus de Accoltis, Arezzo 1418 - 1486, aretini cher a lawyer. 2. Recto: Pope "Leo XI. Pont. Opt, Max.“ Breast image to the left with cap and coat (Florence 1535 - 1605, Rome). Verso: On the back of a lion, from a swarm of bees surrounded. Legend "De Forti Dulceo". Medals of Leo XI. are rare, as his pontificate lasted only a few days. 3. Recto: bust portrait of the widow of Ferdinand III. of Florence, the daughter of the Duke of Urbino, as a widow. Legend "Victoria Mag. Duc. Etr.“, below m. Sold signed". f.“. Verso: Multifigured group with a Central Person in pearl shell, legend "Dos in Cantore". Cf. Hauschild No. 2261. 4. Recto: bust portrait of the "Marcellus Malpighius Phil. Et. Med. The Bon." to the left, below the age of the "Aet. ann. LXIII“. Marcello Malpighi was an anatomist and physiologist, Bologna 1628 - 1694 Rome. Verso: On a large pedestal reclining woman, referred to as "Solido", signed lower "Bonon". (Ferdinand de Saint Urbain ?). Circumferential legend "Tutissimo Lumine exhibito". 5. Recto: bust portrait of "Ioannes from Etr. S. R. E. Card. Diac.“ to the right. Verso: a sailor with a turtle, and a circumferential legend, "Festina lente" (make haste slowly). 6. Recto: bust portrait of "Franciscus I. Mag. Dux. Etrur. II.“ to the right. Verso: the subject of a Plant-eating large rodent. Circumferential Legend "Amat Victoria Curam". Diameter of all the pieces approx 8.5 cm, with a Bail. Traces of age. Lit.: Johann Friedirch Hauschild, Beyträge for the new coin and medals - the history of XVten century until it hath used to do..., Dresden, 1805.

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