Lot 1619. Seidel, M. F.

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Lot 1619 | Seidel, M. F.
Seidel, M. F. collection of pictures, in which a hundred biggest for me, in the Mark Brandenburg, gebohrne, all on silent, but the same well-deserved men with beygefügter explanation, in which the same is most peculiar, life-circumstances and fonts are erzehlet. Berlin, publishing house of the bookstore bey the Real-school, 1751. 4°. (4) Bl., 204 (recte 206) PP., (1) Bl. with Front stamped. & 100 Portraits stamped. Model cardboard band with gold embossed renewed back shield (Professionally).

Books on type II, 1866. Ebert II, 20815. Lipperheide Da 40 (erroneous 102 copper). - Beautiful portrait of a consequence of Brandenburg scholar of the 16th century.-17. Century founder - Seidel, the "father of the Brandenburg historiography" (ADB), had published the result already 1670-1671 (but without Text). It is only in the present Form, with the biographies, written by the local historian and long-standing rector of the Friedrich werderscher gymnasium, Sexton,, was the Seidel'sche portrait collection a valuable source for the taught history. - The often single, in a quite different quality-made Portraits often show the coat of arms of the Depicted, among other things, J. Agricola, G. v. Breitenbach, B. Carpzov, Pope Clemens II., J. Colerus, C. Thistle Meyer, Roswita of Gandersheim, C. Hoffmann, M. Hoffmann, O. v. king mark, A. Musculus, Ch. Neander, G. role of Hagen, E., Seidel, F., Seidel, G. Sabinus u. v. a. - Contemporary. Note a. V., Titelbl. in the right-hand edge of verso deposited (with slight. Loss of text), a few tables with kl. Defects in the outer w. edge, a good clean copy of the complete a rare plant.

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