Lot 266. Rare teapot with house painting

Auction date:29.02.2020   11:00
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Lot 266Rare teapot with house painting
of Franz Ferdinand Mayer-Preßnitz
Böttger Porcelain. Ball-shaped body, side ears, a handle and a conical tube spout. Bulging, of a sheet of frieze umzogener cover with plastic washer knob. On both sides of the wall relief plastic lay-on, Asian blossoms between a circumferential water-landscape with mythological scenic representation of musical sea creatures. Polychrome painting in red, brown, Yellow and grey-green, probably from Franz Ferdinand Mayer of Preßnitz. Sword brand. H. 12,5 cm.
Since the Meissen manufactory ceded only unpainted porcelain, are often early harnesses from Böttger porcelain, with the later running house paintings to be found. The Bohemian house painter F. F. Mayer-Preßnitz decorated mostly branches of older, often with raised flowers and leaf friezes lined porcelain, first and foremost with mythological representations.
Cf. Catalog Jedding, Museum Of Hamburg, No. 42
Jedding, P. 147
Collection Of Jahn, No. 28
Collection Wark, no 676ff.
Provenance: Formerly Collection Of Werner Jahn, Leipzig, Germany.
A rare house painters tea pot by Franz Ferdinand Mayer-Preßnitz. Boettger porcelain. Crossed swords mark.
Meissen. Around 1730 - 1750

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