Lot 654. Rare Pair of large loose pagodas

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Lot 654 | Rare Pair of large loose pagodas
With crossed legs seated Chinese or Chinese in a white, with Asian flower patterned robe and gold ornamented lace collar. Polychrome painting with Gold contouring. Hands, head and tongue to move. Design By Johann Joachim Kaendler. Minim. restored; sword brand. H. 31 cm.The preference of Chinese art is evident in the Meissen manufactory, especially in exceptional porcelain figures of the seat of the Chinese ends. The so-called wobble pagodas go back to designs from the year 1762 when Frederick II of Prussia "10 Bajoden with shaking heads," ordered. The five female and five male figures have been prepared as a part of the interior design after the end of the seven years ' war in the Chinese house, Sanssouci. Cf. Catalog Königl. Sächs. Porcelain Manufactur, 1904, Bl. 27; Catalog Rückert, Bayer. National Museum, No. 1027, Pietsch, Triumph, P. 144.A pair of very rare large figures of two pagoda nodders. Minor restored. Crossed swords mark.Meissen. 2. Half. 19. Century

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