Lot 38. Siegfried von Leth (1883-1914)

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Lot 38 | Siegfried von Leth (1883-1914)
Siegfried von Leth (1883-1914)
Self-portrait with flowers
Vl on canvas, monogrammed and dated 1911
94 x 79 cm, frame: 96 x 81 cm

Siegfried von Leth from the pfdlzischen Kandel studied at the Karlsruhe Academy. One of his teachers was Professor Henry of Zögel, the Begrönder the Wvrther school of painting. In Dachau, in the immediate vicinity of monks, where Leth his Militdrdienst completed, a he established his own school of painting. On 05. October, 1914, he was killed at Arras. "Serious study of nature, and free from the alive determine Erlauschten be unfortunately short könstler work" hie_ it in an obituary. And in a Festschrift is geröhmt "be gemd_igter impressionism and the delicate colours of the Haueisen-schöler's". Of Leth is referred to in this document as a "God gifted Könstler".

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