Lot 1286. Sinicker, E.

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Lot 1286 | Sinicker, E.
Sinicker, E. Keiser Rudolff, of this are called the Spagyric Hauss and hook-Apothec... of Zurich, Bodmer 1646. 6 Bl., 308 (instead of 310) S. 4 (instead of 7) Bl. Late. Parchment with hs. Title On The Spine (Tls. low fl.).

Wolfenbüttel IV, 1557. Saddle IV, 618. Ferchl 505. Hirsch-Beaut. and Schelenz (p. 242 et seq., Rudolf II.). First edition - Sinicker lived around 1600 and was the personal physician of Emperor Rudolf II. Schennis was a doctor in Zurich, and translated and published the Sinicker 1628 written "Kaiser Rudolf's travel pharmacy" as a guide to setting up an ordinary house pharmacy. - Without the 2 Holzschn folded.-Taf. Book block broken in the front (relaxed), in places, browned, p. 305/306 with avulsion of the whether. Rd. (etw. Text loss), some just clip. St. a. V. - It: Glauber,J. R. De auri tinctura sive auro potabili vero, What is the difference between those sey, and as the same by a false and Sophistic Auro Potabile, and to recognize. Amsterdam, Jansson, 1662. 32 P. The Model Is Half Linen - See. Ferchl 187 (dt. Excl). - Stockfl. St. a. V.

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