Lot 702. Soldiers discount 1. World War Vogtland/Plauen

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Lot 702 | Soldiers discount 1. World War Vogtland/Plauen
consisting of Reservistika and Militaria the soldiers, Kurt Schneider, and Paul Max Ficker which have remained in the first great war at the Front and their families later found each other, 1: reservists pitcher, 1906/08, "5. Comp. Kgl. Sächs. 10. Inft.-Regt. No 134, Plauen I. V.", name, Kurt Schneider, show, coat-of-arms side neundorfer barracks and Saxony, accompanied by farewell - and off-road scene, rear bars with side Name, night-time parting scene as a floor lithophanie (fine hairline cracks), flat tin lid with a view of the city of Plauen in Relief, Saxony coat of arms as a push-button, normal traces of age and use, H. 22.5 cm. – 2: On a panel-mounted soldiers portrait photography 107. Inf.-Regt., colored, called "in memory of Kurt Schneider, died a heroic death for the Fatherland on the 12. May 1916 in Swataja-Volya/Russia., Inf. Rgt. 107, 11. Cp., Honor to his memory", dimensions approx. 76 x 54.5 cm, light signs of age. – 3: the war chronicle on the occasion of the posthumous award Kurt Taylor with the cross of honour for front fighters, the statement: "He was born on 2.2.1888. From 1906-1908, he served actively in the Infant. Regiment 134. 5. Comp. [see reservists pitcher] ... In the course of the war, he was for Inf. Rgt. 107 & 104 offset [...]" (see photo), folded, on the edge of the low-broken down, and pins of pure, dimensions approx 35.5 x 47 cm. – 4: photograph of the soldiers Max fucker in the 133. Inf.-Regt., marked "J. Baumgartner, painter, Adorf. in the Vogtland, normal signs of age, measures approximately 17 x 10.5 cm. – 5: like the poster "in memory of Paul Max Ficker [see photo before], soldier d. 3. Comp. Infantry Regts. No. 134, He died for his country on 30. May, 1917 in a field hospital 311, XIX A. K. to Bousbecque [Western front], facsimile signature of king Friedrich August, normal signs of age, measures approx 59.5 x 41.5 cm. – 6: Field hymns for the Evangelical teams of the army, Berlin 1897, Format 12°, 36 PP., visible reading tracks; home historically interesting collection.

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