Lot 1210. Sömmerring, S.T.v.

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Lot 1210 | Sömmerring, S.T.v.
Sömmerringstraße, S. T. v. illustrations of the human Hoerorganes. Frankfurt am Main, Varrentrapp u. Wenner 1806. Fol. With 9 Kupfertaf. (5, of which 4 are in 2 States) v. Rücker and Eckardt, according to Ch. Köck. X, 36 p. model cardboard band with back plate

Engelmann 546. Garrison-M. 1454. Hirsch, H. V, 330. Choulant 137. Not in Lesky and Waller. First dt. Output, at the same time with the lat. Output difficult. - One of the four for the history of anatomical illustration, which is so important monographs on the human sense organs. The fine plates are by G. Rücker and J. Ch. Eckardt, after drawings by Christian Koeck, engraved. Soemmerring mind it in the present monograph "the past achievements in the ear anatomy with a series of his own findings to a concise, clear, and form a full image ended design representation of the anatomy of the hearing organ extract" (Politzer, history of the throat medicine I, 356 FF.). - "Ch. Koecks fantastic championship in the graphical Transmission of fine anatomic Details with the illustrations of the 'illustrations of the organs of sense' of the people to a climax. In the investigation of the inner ear, in particular, Ch. Koecks early acquired skills in the art of modeling proved very useful" (Geuss, C., Koeck, Illustrator Soemmerrings, in: S.-research I, p. 276 et seq., among other things, of the history of the present, by Lichtenberg in Göttingen, a lively panel work). - Solid brown-stained, in the bow above water sand.

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