Lot 268. Spitzweg, Carl. Landscape with a mail coach

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Lot 268Spitzweg, Carl. Landscape with a mail coach
Landscape with a post called the carriage to the left at the bottom with an S in the Rhombus (rest.). Oil on paper on wood. 18.4 x 31.5 cm. Restoration. Framework min. damaged early on, Carl Spitzweg dealt with the image motif of the stagecoach. While this was initially the first image, determining (e.g., in the case of the painting "arrival of the mail coach" from the late 50s, cf., Wichmann raisonné no. 866), as you move the later paintings further and further into the distance. The value of this work shown to travel the car slowly in the image, middle ground, several people to follow. In this Work, Spitzwegs landscapes show a thing of the past members of Staffage, the subject is presented in a romantic reminder of irretrievable times. This idea also corresponds to the "old-fashioned Japanese" - looking clothes of the couple in the foreground of the painting. Literature: Fischer, Lucerne, Auction 21.-25. June 1955, catalogue no. 2272, with a figure panel 33: the present painting. The in the Catalog mentioned in this opinion of Prof. Dr. Hermann Uhde-Bernays is not received. - Roennefahrt, Günther, Carl Spitzweg. Descriptive catalogue of his paintings, oil studies and watercolours. Munich 1960, p. 245, list of works no. 1003 "car trip" (with illustration): an existing painting. - Wichmann, Siegfried, Carl Spitzweg. Landscape with a mail coach. Documentation (= R. f. u. a. K.). Starnberg-Munich 1996, p. 28 (with illustration): an existing painting. Cf. Wichmann, Siegfried, Carl Spitzweg. List of works - paintings and watercolours. Stuttgart 2002, p. 613 (concordance of the work of directory numbers Roennefahrt/Wichmann): equating Roennefahrt raisonné no. 1003 (the present painting) with Wichmann raisonné no. 875: there is, however, a description of another painting. Provenance: Fischer, Lucerne, Auction 21.-25. June 1955, catalogue no. 2272, with a figure panel 33. Gallery Schöninger, Munich (1955). - Private collection.

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