Lot 1646. City Hamburgk, The,

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Lot 1646 | City Hamburgk, The,
City Hamburgk, The court order and Statuta. Hamburg, Paul Long for Georg Ludwig Frobenius in 1605. Kl.4°. With copper titles & Holzschn.-Pressure mark at the end. 2 Bl., 412 PP., 6 Bl. Half-leather of the time (operation., Hdeckel u Rckn. the book block is solved).

VD 17, 1:017363 U. Kayser 30. Collection Böhme 335. - First edition of the high German translation of the u. revised city of Hamburg on the right. Title with hs. Possession of the note. Consistently a bit more browned. At the end of numerous integrated copies of them, in Front of. renewed. - : The trial of a reliable message from the ecclesiastical and political state of the city of Hamburg. Tle. 4-5 (out of 6) in 2 Bdn. O. O. u. Dr. 1736-39. Carpenter,F. G. New Chronicles of Hamburg, on the Emergence of the city up to the year 1819. Hamburg, 1820. Together 4 Volumes

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