Lot 2122. Steckmedaille *Bayernthaler 1914/16*

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Lot 2122 | Steckmedaille *Bayernthaler 1914/16*
in silver 900, also hallmarked, consisting of two halves with internal Leporello of 30 rounds of chromo-lithographs on the subjects of the First world war, design Richard Klein (1890-1967), manufacturer Deschler, M., obverse depicts the crowned Royal. bayr. Coat of arms of two of the following questions. Lion flanked, in *Faithful*, including *Bayern Thaler 1914/16*, reverse side shows the relatively strong plastic protruding relief portrait of king Ludwig III. in the full profile, it *Ludwig III Koenig von Bayern*, the figure on the paper Inside to show the exploits of the Bavaria in the 1. World war up to 1916, various Portraits of generals (e.g., Hindenburg), as well as scenes that are representative of individual battles (e.g., Lviv), or Incursions into cities (e.g. Warsaw), other figure to show classic propaganda representations, such as farmers in the home or hospital scenes, Ø approx. 52 mm, get well

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