Lot 1768. Tabernaemontanus, J.T.

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Lot 1768Tabernaemontanus, J.T.
New full come willingly kreuter book... With particular diligence gemehret by C. Bauhin. 3 Tle. in 2 Bdn. Ffm., P. Jacobi, J. Dreutel 1625. With 2 (instead of 3) Titelbl. with a wide Holzschn.-Edging, among some 3,000 text holzschn. 6 nn Bl., 642 p., 28 (instead of 29) nn. Bl. (d. l. w.); 3 (instead of 4) nn. Bl., 598 p., (d. l. w.); 202 p., 23 (instead of 24), nn. Bl. Hldrbde. the time (Rckn. loads., stronger best. u operation.).
VD17 23:296839Y. Nissen 1931. Pritzel 9093. At the same time, the fourth edition of the herb book overall, the first appeared in 1588-90. One of the largest and most important Botanical works of the 16th century. Century., with a further edition until the 18th century. Century - Tl. 2 without the Tit. Browned u. fl. The Holzschn. in good print.

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