Lot 29. Tapestry with the Subject 'Apollo and Daphne'

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Lot 29 | Tapestry with the Subject 'Apollo and Daphne'
Flemish, 1700,287 x 140 cmA very beautiful wool tapestry with silk, which is the famous mythological story of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid's metamorphoses. Probably part of a group of tapestries that were intended as a picture program for room decoration. In an idyllic landscape in the foreground set, is depicted in the Moment of touch, in the Apollo of his beloved nymph Daphne after a long time of hunting comes close to the beloved but changes the shape and, in a Laurel-tree turned. In the foreground of the scene, a small body of water that likely refers to the Peneios, the river God and father of Daphne. Cupids arrows had Apollo and Daphne with a passion and doom enchanted, full of aversion, so that the tragedy was preparing the stage. The Arcadian landscape accompanies and surrounds the Couple and points forward to the transformation of Daphne: Peneios helped his daughter and turned it so that the suffering took place at the end of passion come to an abrupt end. The filigree yellow gold basis edging is decorated with an opulent floral delight, in both cage and aviary birds as well as bouquets of flowers have been incorporated. The art historical engagement with this fabulous Plot has been practised by many great artists. The most prominent example, here, in the transformation of Daphne's welfare model is the marble sculpture of Gianlorenzo Bernini, from 1622-1625, which is now in the Galleria Borghese in Rome.provenance: From a North German private property; in 1966 in Delft, purchased, since, in the possession of the owner. - Min. rep. and the smallest Nachwebungen. Probably shortened. To support linen and with loops Hanging on the back. Overall in good condition.

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